I have a short-term project. Can I rent the hardware needed to use Canvas?

The Short Answer


Our Total Set-Up Package can be rented for 2 weeks at a time, at a cost of $100 plus shipping. This includes all of the hardware you need to scan spaces with Canvas, delivered pre-assembled and ready-to-scan. 

If you decide to keep the rental hardware (which would be the same as our Total Set-Up Package), your rental fee will be credited toward your purchase. To schedule a rental, please email support@canvas.io with your desired dates.

The Long Answer

The Canvas Rental Program is a new program we are piloting for homeowners (who typically would only need to scan their house once), multi-location projects (where you might want to send the hardware to someone in another city or state to do the scans), and short-term projects. You'll receive everything you need in one box, delivered ready-to-scan. 

The cost of the rental is  $100 for 2 weeks (plus shipping both ways). A deposit of $699 will be charged against your credit card, and then refunded once all equipment is returned in good condition. 

Included in the price of your rental is: 

  • 1 iPad 6th Generation (32GB, Wi-Fi Only)
  • 1 Structure Sensor (in Silver)
  • 1 Precision Bracket with Aluminum Latch (in Silver)
  • 1 Structure Sensor Lightning Cable
  • 1 Structure Sensor Power Adapter Pro
  • 1 Wide Vision Lens (in Silver)
  • A prepaid return label

The iPad will come pre-assembled and professionally calibrated — all you'll need to do is install the Canvas app! You get to skip to Step 4 of our Getting Started with Canvas guide (and watching our scanning tutorial video). 

We still strongly recommend doing some practice scans before you take Canvas on a live project, so that you can get comfortable with scanning technique, how to break up rooms, etc. when you're not under pressure at a job site. Please note that the Scan To CAD service is not included in the price of the rental. For more information on Scan To CAD, please read: What is Scan To CAD?

If you had a great experience and want to keep the hardware: awesome! We can simply charge your card for a Total Set-Up Package ($799), net of any rental fees and return shipping paid, and it is yours to keep. 

If you do wish to return your rental: simply place all equipment back in the box and original packaging, re-wrap everything in the bubble wrap that it was sent in, and take the package to UPS to seal up and ship back to the address you were provided. You must sign out of all accounts and reset the iPad to factory settings prior to returning the rental unit, or we will have to ship it back to you.

Important: While we always conduct quality checks on every unit we send out via rental, this does mean that you are purchasing previously used hardware. Since the rental fee goes to our costs for shipping, logistics, kitting, etc, we are in effect giving you $100 off because it is used.

Rentals are subject to hardware availability, so you may need to wait for a unit to be ready. The fastest way to get the hardware required for Canvas is always buying directly from canvas.io, where you can typically expect delivery within a few days. Rentals are also only currently available within the United States.

To schedule a rental, please email support@canvas.io with your desired dates.

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