Is Structure Sensor (Mark II) available for Canvas?

The Short Answer

Recently, Occipital (the parent company of both Structure Sensor and Canvas) announced the next generation of Structure Sensor: Structure Sensor Mark II. 

As Structure Sensor Mark II is still a brand new product, it takes some time to release official support. However, Canvas has already released beta support with full functionality, which you can order below. We are working to bring Mark II to "official" support within Canvas over the next few months as we close out a handful of known issues (mostly related to battery life, connectivity, and dark surfaces).

For most users planning to scan interiors, the original Structure Sensor will remain perfectly suitable for their use case, and it remains on sale here. However, if you prefer to use Structure Sensor Mark II you would be able to purchase it here:

Structure Sensor Mark II for Canvas

(Note: The default bracket is for the 7th generation iPad, but you may change your bracket choice in the cart.)

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The Long Answer

We know that our customers rely on our hardware for critical parts of their jobs — frequently for daily use. While the hardware itself (Structure Sensor Mark II) is already available and for sale on the Structure Sensor website, we want to make sure it is optimized as much as possible for Canvas (and well-tested for room mapping) before promoting it for that use and selling it on the Canvas website. There are a whole host of great new capabilities enabled by the new hardware, and it takes some time to tweak those for the realities of a job site or client visit.

In particular, one of the big differences you may have read about is that Mark II can work outdoors! This is very exciting for customers looking to scan the exteriors of homes, porches, etc — something that is only possible on an overcast day or at dusk with the original Structure Sensor. As such, it takes some time to optimize Scan To CAD for the types of scenes that you may encounter outdoors, but the launch of Mark II support within Canvas will include at least a beta version of Scan To CAD for exterior structures. It is unlikely, though, that Scan To CAD will be well-suited for things like landscape, trees, and other objects from nature.

(You can learn more about the original sensor's limitations outdoors here.)

Aside from scanning outdoors, we've packed a lot of improvements that should, over time, enhance our ability to scan in tight, cramped spaces as well as where there might be more moving objects. These should improve the consistency of results, and the robustness to random things happening in the environment (like, a cat enters the scene while you're scanning) to help create better scans. For most customers, though, the original Structure Sensor (which you can purchase today here) will work just as well for most common cases, and there isn't a strong need to wait.   

If you have any questions at all, always feel encouraged to reach out to

Ordering Structure Sensor Mark II for Canvas

Want to ensure you're one of the very first people to receive Structure Sensor Mark II when Canvas releases official support? Awesome! We are accepting pre-orders for both the standalone Structure Sensor for Canvas bundle as well as the Total Set-up for Canvas bundle. 

Structure Sensor Mark II for Canvas

(Note: The default bracket is for the 7th generation iPad, but you may change your bracket choice in the cart.)

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