Can I scan furniture with Canvas and get a CAD model?

The Short Answer

Currently, both the Canvas app and Scan To CAD service are optimized for scanning rooms in a home. However, as we’ve continued to serve customers in the home improvement market, we have been getting this request more and more to run objects like furniture through this same process. 

The Long Answer

We are now opening up a beta program for existing Structure Sensor owners where you can scan a piece of furniture, upload it to Scan To CAD, and we will send you back a design-ready and professional-grade 3D asset you can use for design and visualization within roughly two business days.

So a scan like this:

Would turn into this:
If you would like to participate in this beta, please get in touch at!
The Fine Print

As this is a brand new service, it is very experimental. We're very eager to get your feedback, but please keep in mind that during this beta period there may be some kinks to work out in both the results and the turnaround times.

Additionally, this is for residential items only (couches, chairs, tables, and other furniture or decoration) for the purposes of design and visualization. This is not meant for reverse engineering parts or equipment for CNC machines, turning people into SketchUp models, scanning cars, etc. Some objects are also not going to be very good for scanning in general: things like really shiny thin lamps, or ornate crystal art. We'll always do our best to let you know immediately if an item can't be converted, and we'll try to be flexible, but not all items will be compatible with this service.

Finally, at this time we are only able to offer furniture models in SketchUp format. We may add additional formats over time, and please do let us know if there are others you'd like to see!

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