What is Canvas Business?

The Short Answer

Canvas Business is an annual, per-user membership ($299.99 per year per user) geared toward businesses looking to scan frequently with Canvas.

With a Canvas Business account you get:

  • $5 off your first 60 scans ordered via Scan To CAD each year
  • 50GB cloud storage for your scan and CAD data
  • Free upload and cloud reprocessing 
  • Premium, member-only features
  • Additional support and training

You can sign up for a Business membership either in the Canvas app, or in your online Canvas Account Portal by:

  1. Log in and go to “Settings” (the gear icon in the Canvas app, or “Settings” in the online account portal”)
  2. Click or tap “Membership”
  3. Select Canvas Business and proceed through checkout

If you’re interested in finding out more or want to see how your business can benefit from a Canvas Business account, send us an email at support@canvas.io!

The Long Answer

Canvas Business gives businesses more powerful tools and options for using Canvas. We’ll review each of the benefits below.

Scan To CAD Business Discount

Canvas Business members will receive $5 off their first 60 scans ordered via Scan To CAD each year. This totals $300 in savings, and covers the entire cost of the membership for frequent scanners.

Free Upload, Cloud Reprocessing and 50GB Storage

With a standard Canvas account, all scans uploaded via Scan To CAD are stored for at least 90 days to facilitate your Scan To CAD order and retrieval of its data.

With a Canvas Business membership, you can upload and reprocess (enhancing the scan and adding color) any scan at no additional cost — up to 50GB, which should cover between 300 and 600 residential rooms depending on size and complexity. And if you need more than 50GB, you can drop us a line at support@canvas.io.

This has a few primary benefits:

  • For customers that only need the reprocessed scan, they can avoid paying the $3 cost per scan. 
  • For customers that only work on part of a home at a time, they can scan and upload the entire home, and convert the parts of the home they need selectively as the project warrants it. 
  • For customers that have different staff scanning in-home vs. managing the results from Scan To CAD, they can upload all the scans without a Scan To CAD order, and then a different member of the team can order the scans for conversion required for the project. 
  • By uploading your scans for free reprocessing, they are available to view, measure, and share your scans via our 3D Web Viewer (see below).

Premium, Member-Only Features

Canvas Business also includes a few member-only features, which now include:

  • Automatic storage optimization. After you upload a scan, we’ll automatically remove the raw data captured during the scan (only necessary for reprocessing and Scan To CAD, not for using the scan on-device), saving approximately 90% of the storage space. That means you can store a lot more scans on your iPad or iPhone.
  • Area Calculator. Area Calculator is an easy way to calculate surface area immediately from your scan. You can see it in action here:

Additional Support and Training

We understand support is crucial and with Canvas Business, you don’t just get support, you get a 3D scanning coach in your corner.

Some of the special support offered to Canvas Business members include:

  • Workflow and/or business consultation on how to achieve your goals with 3D capture
  • Hands-on training for new features and services, or help training additional staff
  • Ability to request a phone call for extra help