Canvas scanning overview

With Apple's LiDAR sensor, 3D scanning can be as easy as taking a video. The video below will outline our recommended scanning methods to help you get the best results each time. For additional videos and tips, visit scanning best practices

LiDAR iPad and iPhone

  1. Start in a corner of the room with a lot of details (book shelf, picture frames, patterns)
  2. Stand 5-10ft away, aim the iPad at the detailed corner and tap Scan to start. Tip: Standing back can help Canvas keep better track of your position in the room.
  3. Move the iPad slowly up (or down) to the ceiling. You do not need to scan the entire ceiling or the entire floor.
  4. Take 1-2 steps to either side, and scan back down (or up) the wall to the floor 
  5. As if you are spraying paint on the wall, continue with this pattern moving in one single direction
  6. Scan the perimeter walls until you are back at your starting point
  7. Tap Done to complete the scan

Non-LiDAR iPhone

  1. Stand roughly in the middle of the room, or within 10ft of what you want to scan
  2. Tap Scan and when prompted, move side to side and then move the phone in circular motion. These steps are crucial for accurate scale.
  3. Use a “paint brush” motion to cover the on screen grid
  4. Move steadily and consistently in one direction
  5. Once prompted, follow on-screen dots to complete the scan
  6. Tap the stop button once loop closure completes
  7. The scan is finished but requires reprocessing before you can view