I have a problem with my CAD model and need help.

We work hard to ensure every resulting CAD file is accurate to the space scanned, but it's possible that an error might occur at some point in the process — either during your scan, or during its conversion to CAD. In the case that you find an error in your CAD model, just email support at support@canvas.io and we’ll attempt to resolve it. We can’t fix every problem, but we’ll do our best!

Before emailing in, we recommend:

  • Watch the video below to understand scanning best practices. In most cases, issues with the model are related to topics covered in this video — getting too close, rescanning areas repeatedly, scanning moving objects, etc.
  • Ensure that you are on the latest version of the Canvas app and iOS
  • If the above doesn't help, please contact support@canvas.io and include the Order ID as well as photos of the problematic area. If the issue is related to accuracy, please include the measurements you are specifically comparing. This will help us short-circuit a few rounds of Q&A and get your model fixed ASAP!