I want to talk to a human! How do I call you?

General Pre-Sale Questions

We are regularly available for scheduled calls to help answer your questions about Canvas and discuss how 3D scanning may make your workflow more efficient. For more information, book a demo or email hello@canvas.io. Most answers can be found in this FAQ or through product demos, webinars and events, but of course, we are happy to speak with you as well!

Technical Support

We're ready to help! Please email support@canvas.io with any order-specific questions or issues. Please provide details in your email so that we can quickly route your problem to the correct person for assistance.   

Why can't I find a phone number on your website?

We understand! Unfortunately, we serve customers all around the world, and the cost of operating a call center across so many different geographies would mean we'd have to charge much more for our products and services. We aim to get back to every message quickly, including when a call is needed. Please reach out to the relevant email address (Sales/Hello or Support), which is the best way to ensure a fast reply.