I need help learning to use SketchUp

Fear not! Many Canvas customers are stepping into 3D for the very first time, and Canvas can be particularly helpful in "skipping" a lot of modeling at the front-end of a project (to create the as-is space). This can take a significant amount of time when you're totally new to 3D modeling. However, it's undeniably quite daunting to pick up two sets of new technology at once: 3D scanning (with Canvas) and then 3D modeling and design. 

Fortunately, if you find yourself in this camp, we have good news. We've partnered with Tammy Cody over at SketchUp For Interior Designers to launch a course all about how to use Canvas with SketchUp (one of the easier and more popular 3D design programs out there today), in many ways made for people new to SketchUp. You can check it out here: Canvas - Transforming 3D Scans Into Designed Spaces. It walks you through everything you need to know to take your scans from Canvas all the way through a client presentation in 3D.

The course is a few years old, from before Canvas supported Apple's embedded LiDAR sensor in certain iOS devices. As a result, you'll see a lot of mentions of Structure Sensor and extra hardware that won't apply if you are using Canvas with a LiDAR-enabled device. Don't worry — this just means you get to skip the set-up, the app experience is more or less the same!

Moreover, Tammy has a ton of online courses (don't worry, she's also there to help you along the way) on how to get the most out of SketchUp, and we've heard from several customers that she has been able to get them from zero 3D knowledge to using 3D on all their projects in no time. Of course, learning any new technology or skill will always take some time and effort, but we recommend Tammy's course (and other courses) to anyone new to 3D and looking to accelerate their learning.