What is the Canvas Web Viewer and how do I use it?

The Canvas 3D Web Viewer is an easy way to view, measure, and share any uploaded scan.

With the 3D Web Viewer, you can:

  • Virtually revisit the space with a colorized scan
  • Measure the scan or CAD file directly from your browser
  • View notes and measurements created in-app
  • Share with your customer, contractor, or anyone else so you are collaborating with the same model
  • Embed the 3D Web Viewer into your web page

You can access the web viewer directly from the Canvas app or through the Canvas Account Portal.

The 3D Web Viewer provides an easy way to view or share your scans or CAD models for measuring and easier quoting. 

Here is an example:

If your scan is part of a “merge” order that leads to a merged CAD model (representing multiple scans), the merged CAD model of the entire space will be shown instead of the single room CAD. 

Clipping Tool

As part of making viewing CAD files easier, we’ve included a clipping tool that snaps to important CAD elements (ceilings, windows, doors, etc) to make viewing different floors and elements simple. Just click and drag.

You can toggle the clipping tool on and off with the settings at the bottom right.


With the measuring tool (top right corner), click the first point then move your cursor to the second point and get an instant measurement.

Zoom in by clicking and holding.

Hold "Shift" key to lock measurement to X-axis, Y-axis, or Z-axis.

Since measuring precise points on the 3D mesh can sometimes be difficult, we try to help speed up certain measurements. If you touch two opposing walls, the measure tool will "snap" to the straight, perpendicular distance between those two walls even if you didn't touch the exact right points. If you touch anywhere on the floor and then anywhere on the ceiling, the same thing will happen. For more complicated measurements, you can always use the normal point to point measurement feature. You can turn off "snapping" by clicking the "Planar" toggle.


Copy the web address (URL) and send it to anyone. With a browser and internet, they will be able to open and view the scan.

Accessing the Canvas Web Viewer

You can access the Canvas Web Viewer in two ways: 1) online through your Canvas Account Portal, and 2) through the Canvas app.

Online Account Portal

  1. Login to your account at https://canvas.io
  2. The Order History page will load automatically
  3. Search for the order using scan name, home name, order ID, etc.
  4. Click on the thumbnail and the Web Viewer will open!

Within the Canvas app


  1. Open the home with the scan
  2. Open the scan and tap to open the left-hand menu 
  3. Tap the share icon

  4. Select "Copy" to copy the viewer link to your clipboard, then or paste into a web browser or share to others


  1. From the home menu, locate the scan
  2. Tap the 3 dots under the scan thumbnail
  3. Tap "Share" - NOTE: If the scan is not uploaded yet, you will be prompted to do so
  4. Select how you want to share the link

Please note: Deleting the scan on your device does not delete the Web Viewer link. If you would like to change or delete the Canvas Web Viewer link, please reach out to us at support@canvas.io.