How long will it take to receive my Scan To CAD order?

The Short Answer

Most Scan To CAD orders are delivered within approximately 2 business days, but larger and more complex orders may vary. 

While most orders are completed within 2 business days, processing times can vary with the size and complexity of your order.
  • Less than 1,000 square feet: 2 business days
  • 1,000-3,000 square feet: 3 business days
  • 3,000+ square feet: 4 business days
Rush orders are also available for an additional 20% cost:
  • Less than 1,000 square feet: within 24 hours
  • More than 1,000 square feet: within 48 hours

If your rush order is not turned around within the timeline above for any reason, the rush fee will be waived.

The Long Answer

Are your turnaround times a guarantee?

We aim to turn around all Scan To CAD orders as quickly as possible, without exception, and are constantly working to reduce our turnaround times. However, our provided estimates are precisely that — estimates — and orders may be delivered slightly earlier or slightly later based on overall demand or order complexity. 

In particular, non-residential spaces (which often include significantly more detail) and orders including exterior scans may vary more from our estimated turnaround times.

If you have a very large project, you may always contact to request our latest estimated turnaround times. 

Can I rush an urgent order?

Yes! You can always rush an order of any size for a 20% surcharge on the total order cost. Most small rush orders can be turned around within 24 hours, but the rush fee will only be charged if we are able to return the order within 48 hours.

If we are not able to return your complete order within 48 hours, for any reason, the rush fee will simply not be charged.   

While we will always do our best to accommodate rush orders, please note that we can not always do so, especially for larger orders.

What is a business day? Do you operate on weekends?

A business day includes Monday through Friday, not including holidays. However, we do maintain some weekend and holiday capacity, so you may occasionally see orders delivered on weekends.

Order turnaround times are provided based on your local time zone, with a cut-off of 6pm. This means that if an order is submitted after 6pm in your device’s time zone, the estimated turnaround time will commence from the following business day at 8am. As an example, a 500 square foot order submitted at 4pm on Wednesday should generally be delivered on Friday (+2 days from Wednesday), but a 4,000 square foot order submitted at 9pm on Friday should generally be delivered on the following Friday (+4 days from the following Monday).