What units does Canvas measure in, and how can I change this?

The Short Answer

The Canvas app will show measurements in imperial units by default, but this can be changed in-app. The default scale for the CAD files (.rvt, .skp, .dwg, or .dae) delivered will be in inches, and this can be changed easily within the CAD program you open the file in. 

If you are importing the .obj file of the scan into another 3D program, the default scale is meters. However, different 3D programs have different conventions for how they import .obj files, so you may need to adjust the import settings and/or contact the support team for that particular tool to ensure scale is maintained.

The Long Answer

Canvas will show measurements in imperial (feet and inches) units by default, but the in-app measurements can be easily converted to metric (meters and centimeters). To change the measurements within the Canvas app, just tap on the settings gear in the menu, and it will show an option to change the units from "Feet" to "Meters" (and vice versa). 

That's it—now all your measurements will be in feet/inches or meters! 

If you use our Scan To CAD service, it will be important to note that all of our CAD files are sent with inches scale, but the majority of CAD programs allow you to change units very easily upon import (here is how to do so in SketchUp). An exception to this is AutoCAD, where you need to re-scale the drawing based on your desired unit of measurement.

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