What is Scan To CAD?

The Short Answer

Scan To CAD is a semi-automated service that converts your 3D scans into editable, design-ready, and professional-grade CAD files.

Scan To CAD can produce files in SketchUp format at $29 per scan (including a .skp, .dwg and .dae file) or Revit format  at $39 per scan (including a .rvt and .dwg file). These file formats can then be taken into many other 3D programs, which you can learn about here:  What file formats and programs does Scan To CAD export?  

The Long Answer

Our built-in Scan To CAD service converts the walls, floors, cabinets, countertops, fireplaces, as well as any part of the architectural shell of the space that is captured into an editable 3D CAD file (any "removable" items like furniture or decoration will be removed in the converted file). The CAD file that is generated is intended to be a blank canvas (pun intended!) from which you can skip all the model set-up and jump right into project-specific work. 

Here is a typical result for a room:

Once you order a Scan To CAD conversion, we’ll upload your scans, run them through our conversion pipeline, and then email you the result within roughly two business days. As part of your order, we’ll also send you a cloud-reprocessed, colorized version of your 3D scan — at no extra cost.

Here is an example of a model at each step in the process:

Step 1: On-Device Scan
Step 2: Reprocessed Scan

Step 3:  CAD Model

The CAD models are provided as .rvt, .skp, .dwg, or .dae files depending on your order, and you can then bring those files into your 3D program of choice.

While we always recommend scanning one room at a time, you absolutely can merge your scans together into a global model of the entire home. For more information on capturing whole homes, please click  here.

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