What does all of this cost?

The Short Answer

Our latest pricing can always be found on our pricing page.

The Long Answer

The Canvas iPad is 100% free to download, but in order to scan any spaces, you'll need a Structure Sensor (a 3D sensor for mobile devices also made by Occipital), or a LiDAR-enabled iPad. Structure Sensor is available on this website as a bundle, including all necessary accessories as well as 3 free Scan To CAD, as the Structure Sensor for Canvas bundle for $499. You can read more about which option is right for you here: Should I use Canvas with a LiDAR-enabled iPad or a Structure Sensor?

As Canvas is only currently available on the iPad, you will also need a compatible iPad), which you can learn more about here: What iPad should I use with Canvas? If you do wish to use a Structure Sensor, we also offer a "Total Set Up" package for $899, which includes an iPad 7th Generation (32GB, Wi-Fi Only, Space Gray) and comes pre-assembled, pre-calibrated and delivered in a "scan-ready" box. 

Using the Canvas app, you can scan rooms for free, as well as export them via email at no additional cost. However, if you are planning on using Canvas with professional architecture and design programs like SketchUp or Revit, you will likely want to use our Scan To CAD service, which starts at $15 per scan. The cost of Scan To CAD is highly variable based on the size and complexity of the home (as the number of scans required will vary), as well as what file formats you need, so we recommend reading the following in full:

You also don't need to scan the entire home, nor do you need to convert all your scans at once. Some customers scan only the rooms in question (i.e., a kitchen, which would typically be only a single scan), some scan the entire property and convert everything all at once, while still others scan everything and then convert the scans as the project develops and the client pays them for that part of the project. We power projects all across the home improvement spectrum, including many outside the home, so we've seen it all!   

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