What does all of this cost?

It's free to use Canvas to scan and measure, but there are two other costs to consider based on your needs and desired outcome:

  • iPad or iPhone with LiDAR
  • Canvas as-builts

Canvas app 

The Canvas app is free to download. Once you have the app, you'll be able to scan spaces at no cost, and the resulting output can be seen here: So, what do I get after I'm done with my scan?

This on-device result can be used to review, measure, and annotate, and the files can be exported at no cost. However, if you want to bring your 3D scan into architecture and design programs like SketchUp, AutoCAD, Revit, Chief Architect, Archicad, Vectorworks, 2020 Design, etc., you will likely want to use Canvas's as-built service which converts your scan into a professional, editable 3D CAD/BIM model, a 2D floor plan, or a Canvas Measurement Report. 

iPad or iPhone 

To achieve the best results with Canvas, you'll need a LiDAR-enabled iPad Pro (starting at $799) or iPhone (starting at $999), which can be purchased from Apple or any authorized Apple reseller. You can read more about which scanning hardware to use here: Which device should I use with Canvas?

Canvas As-builts

Canvas transforms your scans into editable, professional-grade CAD formats. Canvas directly supports the most popular design software so you don't have to create the as-builts yourself. You get to jump straight to the fun part: design!

We directly support SketchUp, Revit, Chief Architect, 2020 Design Live, Archicad, Vectorworks and AutoCAD. Pricing starts at $0.14/sqft for 2D and $.20/sqft for 3D. You can find more detailed pricing information here: Pricing