What does all of this cost?

The Short Answer

Our latest pricing can always be found on our pricing page. The Canvas app is 100% free to download, but other costs may be relevant to achieving your goals with the product.

The Long Answer

There are three costs to consider for Canvas: an iPad or iPhone, Scan To CAD, and Canvas Business. The Canvas app is 100% free to download. 

iPad or iPhone: 

To use Canvas, you'll need a LiDAR-enabled iPad Pro (starting at $799) or iPhone (starting at $999), which can be purchased from Apple or any authorized Apple reseller.

You can read more about which scanning hardware to use here: Which device should I use with Canvas?

Canvas app: 

As stated above, the Canvas app is 100% free to download. Once you have the app, you'll be able to scan spaces at no extra cost, and the resulting output can be seen here: So, what do I get after I'm done with my scan?

This on-device result can be used to review, measure, and annotate, and the files can be exported at no cost. However, if you want to bring your 3D scan into architecture and design programs like SketchUp, AutoCAD, etc, you will likely want to use our Scan To CAD service. 

Scan To CAD (Optional): 

Scan To CAD is an optional service which transforms your 3D scans into editable, professional-grade CAD formats, starting at $15 per scan (a scan roughly corresponding to one residential-sized room). The cost of Scan To CAD for an overall project is highly variable based on the size and complexity of the home (as the number of scans required will vary), as well as what file formats you need, so we recommend reading the following in full:

You also don't need to scan the entire home, nor do you need to convert all your scans at once. Some customers scan only the rooms in question (i.e., a kitchen, which would typically be only a single scan), some scan the entire property and convert everything all at once, while still others scan everything and then convert the scans as the project develops and the client pays them for that part of the project. We power projects all across the home improvement spectrum, including many outside the home, so we've seen it all!   

Important: Scan To CAD is priced for processing a typical residential-sized room per scan, and cramming many rooms or an entire floor into a single scan may cause your order to be held to collect additional payment, which can delay your delivery. If you ever feel like you took more scans than may have been necessary to capture a given space (for example, to be extra-cautious and capture everything), feel free to request a review of your order by emailing support@canvas.io.

Canvas Business (Optional): 

Canvas Business is an optional annual membership ($299 per year per user) that provides additional perks and features to customers using Canvas regularly in their business. Some of the benefits include free cloud reprocessing (which adds color to your scan), ongoing cloud storage for your scans, discounted business pricing for Scan To CAD, priority support, and special trainings. You can learn more about Canvas Business here: What is Canvas Business?

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