How does Scan To CAD pricing work?

The Short Version

All Scan To CAD orders follow a basic pricing structure of:

  • $0.15 per sqft for all 3D output formats, with a $20 minimum per scan.
  • $0.10 per sqft for our 2D Floor Plan output, with a $10 minimum per scan.

Square footage is calculated by floor, as this is the amount of geometry processed. This means that if you scan a ground floor of 2,000 square feet and a second story of 1,000 square feet, the total square feet charged will be 3,000 square feet.

You will receive an estimated price range when placing your order, and a hold will be placed on your card for the maximum of the range. You will be billed upon completion of the order based on the actual square footage processed.

Reprocess Only orders (which add color and create a shareable web link) are $3 per scan, and you can learn more about cloud reprocessing here.

Scanning and using the scan in-app is 100% free.

The Long Version

When you place a Scan To CAD order in-app, you will receive an estimated range, and therefore an estimated cost in-app:

The square footage estimate under each scan is the Canvas app’s best guess at the square footage of that scan. Unfortunately, it is not possible to calculate this from the scan accurately 100% automatically, as some areas may be duplicated between scans, not included in the final CAD model, or many other factors. We therefore give you a range of what we expect the cost could be per scan, but state our best estimate both per scan and for the entire order.

When you place the order, a hold will be placed for the maximum of the estimated cost range, and you will not be billed right away. We hold the maximum only because we can not charge you more than the amount of the hold, and the estimate may vary up or down from the final price. This prevents us from having to reach out to you again for a final balance, and therefore slow down your order. 

To emphasize, you will not be charged the full held amount unless we actually process the associated square footage. You will only be charged for what is actually processed.

If for some reason the estimate is very low and we can not process the order for the amount held, we will reach out to explain the situation and request your permission to charge a higher amount. We will never charge more than the maximum hold without your permission — in fact, we can’t!

What’s with the minimums?

A minimum cost per scan ($10 for 2D, $20 for 3D)  applies, as there is a certain baseline cost to process your scan regardless of size. These minimums are intended purely to ensure we can continue providing Scan To CAD for small spaces, and they are even lower than our previous per-scan pricing for both 3D and 2D outputs, which used to be $29 or $39 (depending on the format) and $15 respectively.

What if the square footage you processed differs from the actual square footage of the space?

As a reminder, you can expect most measurements in your final Scan To CAD result to be within 1-2% of what’s verified manually with a laser distance meter, measuring tape, or existing blueprint. You can read more about accuracy here.

This means that you may find slight differences between the actual square footage of the space and the CAD model generated. This is normal due to the nature of the above tolerances, but if you find a greater than 2% discrepancy, you can request a price review by emailing

What if I want exteriors?

While Canvas and Scan To CAD are optimized for scanning interior spaces, they are capable of scanning exteriors with some caveats. Scan To CAD for exteriors is therefore offered on an experimental basis for $0.05 per square foot. Please contact if you intend to place an order including exteriors (whether it is exterior-only or to be combined with interiors).

What if I want multiple formats, or to add on to an old order?

Ordering multiple formats (e.g., I want a Revit model and 2D drawings) as well as adding on to an old order (I already processed this for Chief Architect, but I also want a SketchUp model) are not officially supported in the Canvas app, but we are usually able to accommodate manually. If you are adding on to an old order, you will only be billed for the additional square footage processed for the add-on. 

Please contact for the latest pricing. 

I use the metric system. Can I order in square meter pricing?

Yes. Simply go to Settings within your online account portal or the Canvas app and change your units to metric. Your pricing will automatically be converted for new orders, but your invoices and order summaries for old orders will not be affected. 

I scanned equipment (or some other object that isn’t a room or space). How will I be charged?

As Canvas is meant for scanning rooms and homes, your order will likely be automatically rejected by the Scan To CAD system. We can override this rejection in some circumstances by request, but it may affect your pricing. Please contact if you intend to scan equipment or industrial environments, and we also suggest reading: What gets included in my CAD file?

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