So, what do I get after I am done with my scan?

The Short Answer

Canvas creates a scale-accurate 3D model (specifically a 3D mesh) of your room or space which you can use to:

  • Place a Scan To CAD order
  • Take measurements directly from the model
  • Add notes or annotations for your reference later
  • Export raw mesh as .obj file for use with third-party software

This is all available for free directly through the Canvas app and is available as soon as you tap “Done”.

The Long Answer

Canvas generates (in real-time) a scale-accurate 3D mesh which you can see an example of below:

Scan To CAD/Reprocessing

If you’d like us to convert this scan into a professional-grade CAD file, you can now submit this scan to our Scan To CAD pipeline for processing. You can read more about placing an order here: How do I upload my scans for reprocessing or Scan To CAD?

Measuring Tool

Using the measuring tool, you can take any measurement you need within seconds. Simply tap the ruler icon, then tap any two points to instantly get a measurement. 

We’ve even included some features to help take measurements. For instance, if you tap two opposing walls (that are parallel to each other), Canvas will automatically snap the measurement to be perfectly perpendicular (that way if you tap too high or too low, you will get the right measurement). 

Notes, Annotations, and Images

Canvas includes the ability to add notes to your scan so you can reference them later when you aren’t actively working with your clients!

For instance, if you want to note a cabinet with a door that needs replacing, tap the sticky note icon, tap the cabinet door and annotate!

You can even add reference images or screenshots using the “Photos” tab.

PLEASE NOTE: The annotations and notes you place on a scan are not uploaded with the scan and will not show up in your CAD file. They are for your reference.


Canvas can also export your scan (before or after reprocessing) as a .obj file, which you can bring into other third-party 3D programs (this feature is currently only available on iPad, will be available on iPhone in the near future). 

Exporting your reprocessed scan also includes a .mtl and .jpg file for your textures, and you must keep these files in the same folder as the .obj file when opening in other programs. You can learn more about reprocessing here: What is reprocessing and what do I get from it?

If you're using a LiDAR-enabled iPhone, you can access the scans manually by connecting the phone and transferring the files manually. If you need any assistance exporting your scan, please reach out to us at

Please note that most architecture and design CAD software can not handle 3D mesh files, and this is why we offer our Scan To CAD service. 

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