What can I do with my scan?

The Short Answer

Canvas is designed to help professionals save time on creating as-builts. Canvas can turn your scan into a detailed Measurement Report, 2D floor plan in AutoCAD & PDF, or 3D CAD file in formats like SketchUp, Revit, Chief Architect, Archicad, Vectorworks, and 2020 Design Live. You'll also receive a colorized version of your Canvas scan when you order any of these formats.

With a Canvas scan, you can (click the links below to jump to the related section):

The Long Answer

Once you place an order, you'll receive a colorized version of your scan within a few minutes. You can read more about placing an order here: How do I upload my scans?

Measuring Tool

Using the measuring tool, you can take any measurement you need within seconds. Tap the ruler icon on the right-hand side, then tap any two spots on the scan to measure.

We’ve also included some features to help take measurements. For instance, if you tap two opposing walls (that are parallel to each other), Canvas will automatically snap the measurement to be perfectly perpendicular (that way, if you tap too high or too low, you will get the right measurement). 

Notes, Annotations, and Images

Canvas includes the ability to add notes to your scan so you can reference them later when you aren’t actively working with your clients!

For instance, if you want to note a cabinet with a door that needs replacing, tap the sticky note icon, tap the cabinet door and annotate!

You can even add reference images or screenshots using the “Photos” tab.

Please note: The annotations and notes you place on a scan are not uploaded with the scan and will not show up in your CAD file. They are for your reference only.


Scans can be exported as a 3D mesh in .obj format. Exporting reprocessed scans will include textures and an .mtl file.

Export scans by tapping the "i" button at the top right corner, then tap "Share .obj file":