How do I upload my scans for reprocessing or Scan To CAD?

The Short Answer

Once a scan is complete, it can be uploaded for cloud reprocessing or conversion into a CAD file using our Scan To CAD service. These options are both easily available from the Canvas app. 

To start a Scan To CAD order, open the scan and tap "Scan To CAD", or you can log into your Canvas Account Portal to place an order as described here.

The Long Answer

You can use the links below to get step by step instructions for placing and uploading orders:

Place an order with your iPad

Place an order with your iPhone


  1. Tap "Scan To CAD"
  2. Choose scans
  3. Select output
    You can learn more about the various file formats (and compatible programs) available from Scan To CAD here.
  4. Choose merge option
    Select "Yes, merge my scans" if you want us to process all the scans in the order and deliver a single, global CAD file.
    You can read more about merging scans here.
  5. Priority and Promo Code
    Select priority or add a promo code
    Normal Priority: Your files should be delivered within an estimated 2 business days for single scans, or 3 business days for a merged order.
    Rush: For an additional 20% surcharge, we can prioritize your Scan To CAD at the top of the queue. Many orders will be delivered next-day, but your rush fee will be refunded if it is not delivered within 48 hours.
  6. Interiors, Exteriors, or Both
    Select whether this order contains scans of interiors only, exteriors, facades and siding only, or if the order contains both.
    NOTE: Exterior processing is experimental and requires an additional $0.05 per square foot. More information available here
  7. Review Estimate
    Using the data in your scan, Canvas will estimate the total square foot area of the scans and provide a pricing estimate as a range to account for potential overlap or error. Specific information for Scan To CAD pricing available here.
  8. Confirm payment method
    If you have a Canvas account, you’ll see your default payment method. Otherwise, enter your credit card information.
  9. Upload your files
    Leave Canvas open for several minutes to allow the scans to fully upload (you can still use Canvas). You’ll receive an email once the upload is complete.
  10. Check your upload and/or order status 
    You can check to see if your scans have completed uploading, as well as your overall order estimate delivery date, from within My Orders.
  11. Receive your files 
    Processing usually requires 2-3 business days, but specific processing times are discussed here.


  1. From home screen, tap the "Select" button at the top right
  2. Select each scan you want included in your order and tap "Scan To CAD" at the bottom
  3. Confirm whether you want to receive a merged, global file or individual models
  4. Select whether this order contains scans of interiors only, exteriors, facades and siding only, or if the order contains both
  5. Submit order and wait for scans to fully upload.
  6. You will receive your Scan To CAD order within 2-3 business days. You can learn about Scan To CAD processing times here.

If you have any questions or spot any issues in your results, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at

For more information on what gets included and excluded in your final CAD model please check out this article: What details are included with my CAD file?.

Common Order Questions

Can I merge a new order with an existing order?

We can usually merge a current order with a past order without issue. Simply reach out to us at with the order IDs you want merged, and we’ll follow up with next steps.

Can I submit my scans to be processed for a different output than my original order?

If you’re interested in re-ordering your scans as another output (for example, you ordered the 2D floor plans, but you now want 3D SketchUp files too), we can do that for you. Simply contact us at with the order ID(s) and requested output, and we'll let you know about any additional add-on fees or steps required.