Why couldn't my scan be processed?

The Short Answer

While very rare, we are occasionally unable to process a scan submitted through Scan To CAD. This normally relates to one of the following:

  • A scan of an object
  • A scan of a vehicle or boat
  • Environment (e.g. scanning in a very dark place, or in a commercial kitchen with a lot of stainless steel)
  • Scans that aren't of a complete room or are missing crucial information (e.g. partial scans, scans of open spaces, vehicles)
  • Poor quality scans

If a scan can not be processed, it will be “rejected” and you will not be charged for that scan. We will also contact you with more information about what happened, but in most cases, the space will need to be rescanned.

The Long Answer

In most cases, scans are good for Scan To CAD processing. If a scan is unable to be processed, it is likely do to one of the following common reasons: 

Poor Scan Quality 

If a scan is too messy or distorted to process, it may be rejected. This can occur for reasons such as:

  • Re-scanning the same area over and over again
  • Zig-zagging around the space vs. following our recommended scanning technique
  • Fingers or other objects covering the camera
  • Scanning too close or too far away from objects and surfaces
  • Poor or no lighting
  • Moving objects, people, or shadows
  • Non-LiDAR devices require detailed imagery to determine scale, making scans of empty rooms more challenging to capture

It is very rare that a scan is so poor it can’t be processed at all, but it does happen from time to time. If you receive this rejection reason, you can always contact support@canvas.io to find out more and ways to help improve your scan quality, such as a scan review.  

Partial Spaces

If a scan is just a tiny snippet of a space (i.e., just one wall or window), we assume this is a mistaken submission (such as a test scan) and will reject the scan to avoid incurring cost for an error.

Non-Room Scans

While Scan To CAD does process and includes many architectural details, it is not designed to process and convert objects into CAD files. Scans of objects (e.g., furniture, people, vehicles) will be rejected. We encourage you to reach out to support@canvas.io if you’re unsure.

Non-residential spaces may occasionally be rejected, or require additional payment if they require a high level of manual human attention and QA. You can read more on this here: I want to scan non-residential environments. Will Canvas work outside of the home?