I got an email saying my scans couldn’t be converted. What gives?

Sometimes, our conversion process won’t be able to accept your scan. This is usually because:

  1. There wasn’t enough of the space captured to reliably create a CAD file.
  2. The scan quality was too poor to reliably convert into CAD. In this case, please refer to our scanning tips in the “Get Started” section of the app and try again.
  3. The scan wasn’t of a space. We'll often process these scans anyway — we've processed plenty of boats, cars, and other "non-building" interiors, but we can't CAD-ify your friends. :)
  4. Your calibration settings for your Structure Sensor were incorrect. This could be because you didn't calibrate, calibrated for the wrong setting (using the Wide Vision Lens but only calibrated for standard), or — most common of all — forgot to turn on Wide Vision Lens mode in the Canvas app (the top-right switch on the pre-scanning screen) and scanned using the Wide Vision Lens.

In any case, we will refund the conversion fee for any scan that can’t be converted.

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