I need a 2D floor plan. Do you produce these?

Yes! Canvas's 2D floor plans are $0.14/sqft and you'll receive an editable 2D AutoCAD file (.dwg) and editable 2D Revit file (.rvt), and a PDF file with annotated dimensions, which is easy to open and share. Please note:

  • These are all 2D files.
  • These 2D files are only floor plans; they do not include 2D elevations.
  • 2D floor plan orders do not include any 3D information, and 3D outputs do not include a 2D floor plan. If you would like to receive both a 3D model and a 2D floor plan, please choose both formats during ordering.
  • 2D files are not available to order for exteriors.

You can also create 2D floor plans from Canvas's 3D files if you work in these 3D software design programs, or from the 3D scan (.obj) itself. 

Example PDF result delivered in as little as one business day:

You can download sample 2D PDFs and CAD files and test them for yourself.

If you already have a 3D CAD file, you can generate 2D floor plans yourself from your design program:


  1. Open the .skp file in SketchUp.
  2. Using SketchUp's instructions here, use the slicing plane to slice through the model horizontally: https://help.sketchup.com/en/sketchup/slicing-model-peer-inside
  3. Go to Camera --> Standard Views --> Top
  4. Go to Camera --> check "Parallel Projection" instead of Perspective
  5. Go to Tools --> Dimensions, and then touch the points for which you want measurements displayed. Repeat until you have annotated all the important measurements.
  6. Take a screenshot or export as a 2D graphic.


  1. Open the .rvt file in Revit
  2. Go to Project Browser and expand the Views tab
  3. Expand the Floor Plan section under Views
  4. Double click on the floor plan level you want to display

Chief Architect

  1. Open the .plan file in Chief Architect.
  2. Position 2D plan the way you'd like to see it on the page
  3. Go to File --> Export --> Export Current View and save the drawing as a DWG


  1. DesignOpen the .kit file in 2020 Design.
  2. Position 2D plan the way you'd like to see it on the page.
  3. Go to File --> Export --> Other Formats --> save the drawing as a DWG
  4. For 2D Plan choose in "Shape Selection" dialog  - "Floor plan shapes"


1. Open the .dwg file in AutoCAD.

2. Hit the top-down button in the top right corner.

3. Annotate the dimensions you need (there are multiple ways to do this in AutoCAD)

4. Go to File --> Export and save the drawing as a PDF.

You can learn more about Scan To CAD's compatibility with various architecture and design programs in general here:  What file formats and programs does Scan To CAD export?