Can I create virtual tours with Canvas?

The Short Answer

Canvas is purpose-built to create 3D models for home improvement projects. As a result, we've optimized our outputs for architecture and design programs like Revit, SketchUp, AutoCAD, etc. — not virtual tours. 

The Long Answer

You can certainly use our CAD output to create a virtual tour of a space, but it would be showing off the "blank slate" of the space. It's not really made to give a photorealistic 3D tour of a space, as is common in industries like real estate.

Here's an image of a CAD model of a typical home scanned with Canvas and run through our Scan To CAD pipeline:

You can also use the 3D scans themselves to give other people an idea of the space. In particular, the color scans are usually nicer for that experience, after it goes through cloud reprocessing.

Here's what that looks like for a typical room:

This is included for free with your Scan To CAD order, but if you are interested in just getting the reprocessed scans and not the actual CAD model, this is available on the Canvas app for $3/each.

For more information about the difference between your scan and CAD, check out What is Scan To CAD?

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