Can I create virtual tours with Canvas?

The Short Answer

Canvas is purpose-built to create 3D models for home improvement projects. As a result, we've optimized our outputs for architecture and design programs like Revit, SketchUp, Chief Architect, 2020, etc. — not virtual tours. 

The Long Answer

Canvas can certainly be used to show off a space virtually. However, it is not intended to provide photorealistic virtual tours of the as-is conditions of a space, as is common in industries like real estate.

You have three options for showing off a space in Canvas: the on-device mesh, the reprocessed mesh, and the CAD output from Scan To CAD. You can see each below.

You can learn more about how to use the 3D Web Viewer here: What is the Canvas Web Viewer and how do I use it?

On-Device Mesh:

This is available as soon as you complete your scan, and can be exported for free.

Reprocessed Mesh:

This is the result of “cloud reprocessing,” which just means that the scan data is uploaded and reprocessed with more powerful algorithms than we can run on-device. This is available for free for scans ordered via Scan To CAD, or for any scan for members of Canvas Business ($299 per year per user). You can also order this standalone, with no Canvas Business membership, for $3 per scan. You can read more about reprocessing here: What is reprocessing and what do I get from it?

While this certainly gives a great idea of what’s in a space and where, you may find the imagery in some areas to be blurry from motion, or have holes where the user didn’t scan. 

If you are not attempting to create marketing imagery for consumers, this is usually a good option for creating a revisitable “digital twin” of the space (especially via the Canvas 3D Web Viewer).


This is a typical result from our Scan To CAD service for a home scanned with Canvas, which starts at $0.10/sqft. It is a “blank slate” of the space, which can also be used to show off a space or provide context about its contents, but is most useful for measurements, creating 2D plans, or redesigning the space virtually. 

Overall, if your goal is creating marketing imagery to sell a property, you may want to investigate other tools, like 360-degree cameras, which are specifically built for this purpose. However, if your goal is capturing a 3D model to measure, redesign, or revisit for internal collaboration, it will likely do the job well!