Can I create virtual tours with Canvas?

The Short Answer

Canvas was purpose-built to scan homes and apartments to measure, revisit or pay to convert into design-ready CAD files and is not designed for creating virtual tours.

The Long Answer

Canvas scans can be colorized for free and used for revisiting a space digitally but the colorized scans are not intended to be photorealistic. You can view, annotate, measure, or share your scans. Our 3D Web Viewer provides a way to view your scans from any device and browser.

If you want to use Canvas for showing off a space digitally, you have three options: 

  1. The original scan

    This is available as soon as you complete your scan, and can be exported or colorized for free.

  2. The colorized scan 

    Free for any scan and can be exported or shared with the 3D Web Viewer.

  3. The CAD file from Scan To CAD

    This is a typical result from our Scan To CAD service for a home scanned with Canvas, which starts at $0.14/sqft (2D) or $0.20/sqft (3D). It is a “blank slate” of the space, which can also be used to show off a space or provide context about its contents, but is most useful for measurements, creating 2D plans, or redesigning the space virtually. 
    Overall, if your goal is creating marketing imagery to sell a property, you may want to investigate other tools, like 360-degree cameras, which are specifically built for this purpose. However, if your goal is capturing a 3D model to measure, redesign, or revisit for internal collaboration, it will likely do the job well!
Below is an example of our 3D Web Viewer with each output:

You can learn more about how to use the 3D Web Viewer here: What is the Canvas Web Viewer and how do I use it?