What can I do with my Canvas Account Portal?

The Short Answer

Your Canvas account is a streamlined way to access all of our products and services via a single identity. It gives you the ability to sync your payment, contact, and order information across devices and your online account portal on canvas.io, where you can, view and print order invoices, check order status, view your CAD files and scans with our web viewer (more information about our web viewer here: What is the Canvas Web Viewer and how do I use it?), and place Scan To CAD orders for your reprocessed scans.

While there’s no requirement to create a free Canvas account, using a Canvas account gives you more control over and insight into your projects. To create an account, simply open the Canvas app, tap “Sign Up” in the sidebar, and enter your relevant information (like name, email, and payment details). 

A Canvas account is also required to sign up for Canvas Business, which includes a ton of perks for customers regularly scanning with Canvas for their business. You can read more about Canvas Business here: What is Canvas Business?.

The Long Answer

Your Canvas account comes with a variety of tools designed to make using Canvas easy, convenient, and powerful. Skip to the section by clicking the link below:

Creating an account

Logging into your account

Synchronized order history

Retrieving order data

Ordering scans online

Unified Account Details

Canvas Business

Creating an account

Creating an account must be done from within the Canvas app and can not be done on the Canvas website.

Follow the steps below to sign up for a Canvas Account. If it’s your first time opening Canvas, you will be prompted to sign up or login (you can also skip sign up), in which can you can skip to step 2:

1. Tap “Sign Up” on the main page (if you don't see this you can navigate to the menu and tap "Sign Up")

2. Enter your preferred email (don’t worry, you can change this later)

3. Create a secure password

4. Enter a first name and your last name is optional

5. Then tap “Done” and you’re all set

Logging in to your account

To log into your Canvas account in Canvas:

1. Tap “Log In” on the main page (if you don't see this you can navigate to the menu and tap "Log In")

2. Enter the account email and password

3. Tap “Log In” in the top right

Synchronized order history and invoices

With an account, your order history will be unified across all devices. That means you can be logged into your account on your iOS device, a team member can be logged in on a different device, and a third team member can be looking at your order history on the online account portal, and all three of you will see the same unified order history. In the online account portal, you can also easily search orders by status, order ID, home name, or scan name.

You can also use your order history to see estimated and completed delivery dates for orders, as well as download invoices. You can learn more about retrieving invoices here

Retrieving order data

Have to download CAD files again? No need to find your confirmation email — you can log in online and download your order files anytime! 

To download your CAD (or scan) files:

  1. Log in to your Canvas Account Portal
  2. Search for your order by email, home name, scan name, or order ID
  3. Here you can download all files with “Download All” — including your original and reprocessed scans, and all CAD files (individual rooms or merged models)
  4. Or, you can click the order ID hyperlink to open order details and download just the CAD files with "CAD Files"

Additionally, each order through your Canvas account comes with access to our 3D Web Viewer! The web viewer lets you view, measure, or share your CAD files (or scans) in a browser without any other software! Just click on the scan thumbnail and start viewing. You can read more about our web viewer here: What is the Canvas Web Viewer and how do I use it?

Ordering scans online

Your Canvas Account Portal also allows you to place Scan To CAD orders online for uploaded scans, rather than on your iPad or iPhone. This means you can have one person out scanning in the field and uploading scans, and a different person ordering them later. It also means you could scan all the rooms in a home, upload everything for safekeeping (and using our 3D Web Viewer for measurements), and then selectively convert the rooms you need for that project via Scan To CAD later.

To place a Scan To CAD order in the Canvas Account Portal:

1. Log in to your account portal and navigate to “Uploaded Scans” 

2. Click on the home that contains the scans you want to order (you can also click the “Home” hyperlink in the Order History view)

3. Click “Scan To CAD”

4. Select the scans, and click "Next" (where the "Scan To CAD" button was)

5. Confirm which Scan To CAD output you want

6. Confirm you want to merge the scans

7. Select priority, review pricing and estimates, confirm merging, and payment method to finalize your order.

Unified Account Details

With your Canvas account, all of your payment details, contact information, membership settings, and preferences are synced across between devices and your account portal. 

To access, change, or edit these details through the Canvas Account Portal:

  1. Log in and navigate to your account view 
  2. Click “Settings”
  3. To change payment details click “Payment Method” (you can add multiple cards and select a default)
  4. To change your account details (i.e. name, account email, or delivery email, which is optional) click “Account Information”
  5. See below for changing membership or units

Now, anytime you log in to a new device, you won’t have to reenter your account details (especially emails and credit card information).

Please note that the default payment method will be the payment method for all devices and users of that account, and all payment methods will be available to all users of the account.


Changing units will change the display of units across the Canvas app and your Scan To CAD results. You can learn more about changing units here

Canvas Business

If you’re interested in Canvas Business, you can view or change your membership through settings > Membership. Canvas Business includes perks like discounted Scan To CAD, priority support, and premium features, and you can learn more about it here: What is Canvas Business?